H8104 Jointed Shad Lure Swimbait

This jointed shad lure has one of the most lifelike swimming action you may ever see. Different from other jointed shad lures on the market, H8104 jointed swimbait is featured with a square bill, which is weedless when searching for the fish. This jointed shad lure is also a minnow lure which has two jointed sections.

H8086 Multi Jointed Swimbaits Hard Lure

H8086 jointed swimbaits are designed with 3 sections and minnow shaped body. Its exaggerated swimming action makes freshwater & saltwater fish bust the jointed swimbaits crazily. You'll be impressed by H8086 jointed swimbaits!


90mm, 26g.

H8009 Small Jointed Minnow Australia Lure

Featuring two jointed sections, the swimming action of H8009 small jointed minnow is amazing. Different from other jointed lure, there is a 40mm stainless steel wire on the head of lure.