H8106 Spook Lure Stickbait Pencil Lure

H8106 spook lure is featured with awesome walk-the-dog action and right side-to-side retrieve for avid fishermen looking for big bass, stripper and pike etc. Loud rattles are also built in this spook lure for more attraction when fishing.

H8105 Pencil Lure Floating Stickbait

H8105 pencil lure is built with multi-purpose applications. You can fish it as a floating stickbait or surface pencil popper lure in freshwater for pike, muskies, stripper, salmon, bass and even in saltwater for tuna, blues, spanish mackerel and so on.

H8102 Floating Minnow Pencil Popper Lures

H8102 is designed as a versatile hard bait, which can be used as floating minnow, topwater popper lure and surface pencil lure.

H8098 Pencil Popper Lures for Bass Fishing

H8098 pencil popper lures are made of qualified high strength plastic and handmade painting finishes. Our pencil popper lures are among the most famous on the bass fishing market. It's a must have pencil popper lures for bass, stripper and redfish etc. especially in US market.

H8088 Chinese Pencil Popper Fishing Lures

The original concept of H8088 is a hybrid of stick baits and popper lures in order to adjust tough conditions when fishing. H8088 pencil popper fishing lures are designed with dog-walking action and unique splashing popping sound. It's a impressing top water popper lure on the market.

H8008 Through-Wire Stickbait Skinny Pencil Lure

H8008 through wire stickbait is a sinking pencil lure, which constructed with strong stainless steel through wire. This through wire stickbait is made of high impact ABS plastic with shinning glitters inside. Its skinny slim profile make the stickbait sink quickly after casting.

H8007 Thru-Wire Pencil Lure Long Casting Stickbait

H8007 stickbait is built with durable through wire construction, which can get big monster when fishing offshore. There is a one fixed weight ball at the tail and 2 moving weight balls for long casting. The glitters in the body flash light in the water to attract predators.

H8006 Bent Minnow Wounded Bait Fish Lure

Experienced anglers often cast it out then jerk it once or twice, and just leave it motionless (This is very important). After a long pause (usually 1-2 minutes at times), angler finally jerk the bent minnow to imitate an escaping dying bait fish again. The predators like bass & stripper will give chase after this bent minnow and commit to the bite.