Soft Vibe Lure

S9101 Soft Vibe Fishing Lures with Brass Blade

S9101 vibe fishing lures are hybrids between metal blade and soft vibes. That is because this soft vibe has a brass metal blade where there are 3 holes, which can be used to adjust action in the water. Mild, medium and wild action are easily achieved in one soft vibe lure.

S9100 Soft Vibes for Flathead Fishing Bait

S9100 lures are designed as soft vibes for flathead, jewfish, barra and snappers etc. feeding in Australia water ways. These soft vibes for flathead are available with long casting and through wire construction.

S9099 Soft Plastic Vibes Wholesale Lures

S9099 vibe lures are very popular and effective in Australia water ways. They are made of life-like soft plastic and durable wire through construction. These soft plastic vibes can be cast in a long distance and attract fish by a wide selection of color patterns and vibrating actions.

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