H8102 Floating Minnow Pencil Popper Lures

H8102 is designed as a versatile hard bait, which can be used as floating minnow, topwater popper lure and surface pencil lure.

H8099 Surface Popper Lures Topwater Baits

H8099 popper lures are one of the most delicate topwater baits you may ever see. It features with the realistic action of a small walking baitfish/insects on the surface of water. You'll be impressed by its beautiful splashes when you fish with H8099 popper lures.

H8098 Pencil Popper Lures for Bass Fishing

H8098 pencil popper lures are made of qualified high strength plastic and handmade painting finishes. Our pencil popper lures are among the most famous on the bass fishing market. It's a must have pencil popper lures for bass, stripper and redfish etc. especially in US market.

H8097 Surface Lure Popper Lures

This surface lure is shaped with popper lure body. It features with unique round popping mouth and realistic action on the topwater. The target fish will chase and strike the surface lure when it's being retrieved across the surface of the water. This popper lure is one of the most popular surface lure on the market now.

H8094 Cicada Pop Surface Bass Lure

This cicada lure is so realistic looking that the fish cannot distinguish from a real cicada when the cicada pop has been cast.

H8089 Popper Lures for Bass Fishing

H8089 popper lures for bass is a new collection in ProCatch® recently-released hard bait lines. It's especially designed for freshwater and saltwater. H8089 popper lures have a wider mouth design to kick up a larger spray to simulate a fleeing baitfish school, especially for the big bass.

H8088 Chinese Pencil Popper Fishing Lures

The original concept of H8088 is a hybrid of stick baits and popper lures in order to adjust tough conditions when fishing. H8088 pencil popper fishing lures are designed with dog-walking action and unique splashing popping sound. It's a impressing top water popper lure on the market.

H8087 Micro Popper Small Popper Lures

This micro popper is ideal for anglers enjoying the top water game with light tackle. H8087 micro popper doesn't only have good painting finish but also well designed in order to work on a large variety of Australia fish. Facts proved that this micro popper lure has been popular among Aussie fishermen.

H8018 Foam Popping Lure GT Monster Popper

H8018 foam popping lure is featured with big mouth and good buoyancy. It's the best choice when deep sea fishing, especially for giant trevally.

H8017 Foam GT Popper Expanding Foam Lure

H8017 lure is made of expanding foam plastic and designed as a foam GT popper. Featuring big popping mouth, this foam GT popper perform well in making great splashes. The big aggressive feeders cannot resist the temptation of splashing. Thanks to the good buoyancy of expanding foam plastic, H8017 can be used as a subsurface trolling lure.