H8103 Minnow Lures Shallow Minnow Bait

H8103 minnow lures are built with brilliant light reflecting finishes and long casting system.

H8102 Floating Minnow Pencil Popper Lures

H8102 is designed as a versatile hard bait, which can be used as floating minnow, topwater popper lure and surface pencil lure.

H8101 Hard Plastic Minnow Bait

H8101 minnow bait is painted with lifelike color patterns, which cannot be distinguished by the real fish. This minnow bait comes with 2 versions. One is super shallow minnow bait and the other one is sinking minnow bait.

H8100 Shallow Minnow Shad Lures

H8100 minnow shad lures are built with natural baby shad profile and work at a variety of running depths. There are two sizes available for these minnow shad lures. 70mm 15g is a shallow floating version and 90mm 28g is a medium floating version.