Lipless Crankbait

H8122 Lipless Crankbait VIB Crank Lure

This lipless crankbait is designed with 20g, 75mm body.

H8096 VIB Fishing Lures from China

H8096 VIB fishing lures from China are built with quality plastic and reasonable design.

H8093 Best Lipless Crankbait Fishing Lure

H8093 lipless crankbait is a combination of plastic VIB lure and metal blade lure. It is constructed with a plastic lure body, but has a metal blade tail at the end of body. Due to this unique design, this lipless crankbait enjoys versatile action when vibrating in the water.

H8092 VIB Lipless Crankbait Fishing Lure

There are two sizes available for this lipless crankbait fishing lure. The smaller one is 50mm and the larger one is 75mm. Both of them are designed with three-dimensional decorative patterns on their belly.

H8091 VIB Lure Fishing Tackle Manufacturers China

This vib lure is designed with long casting construction, which makes it available to cover more water and catch more fish. And it's also a rattling lipless crankbait. When you retrieve the vib lure, it makes attracting sound to get fish hooked.

H8090 VIBE Lures Plastic Blade Baits

H8090 vibe lures are available with long casting, rattles and vibrating action when fishing.

H8015 Vib Lure Sinking Vibration Bait

This vibrating bait is specially tuned to call in feeding fish from all directions. A great search lure, designed for long casts and retrieval at any depth. Equipped with premium, extra-sharp treble hooks.

H8014 Sinking Jerkbait Vibe Lure

H8014 is designed as a sinking jerkbait. It's available with 2 sizes, 87mm and 150mm. This sinking jerkbait is a solid lure.

H8013 Rattling Vib Lure Lipless Crankbait

H8013 rattling vib lure is built with good balance system, which available to produce a straight and vibration action underwater. Anglers can retrieve this rattling vib lure with multi speed. What's the most important, H8013 lipless crankbait can swim at slower speeds which is perfect to catch inactive freshwater fish such as yellowbelly and bass.

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