Fishing Rods

Spinning Fishing Rods with 2 Pieces

These spinning fishing rods are built with advanced technology and finest materials. The rod blank is made of 98% carbon fiber which is imported from Japan Toray. Besides, all rod building components are from Fuji. All of them make this spinning fishing rod outstanding compared with others.

Casting Fishing Rods Built with Fuji Components

These casting fishing rods are designed for spinning and bait casting. Due to the quality 98% carbon fiber & fuji components, the casting rod is very durable and light.

Boat Fishing Rods Built with 98% Carbon Fiber

This boat fishing rods are built with 98% carbon fiber and Fuji components, designed especially for boat fishing salmon, flathead, snapper and trevally in bays, inlets and offshore.

Squid Fishing Rod EGI Master Fishing Rod

These EGI Master rods have been specially designed to be suitable for squid jigs. Now more and more anglers are enthusiastic about squid fishing. Squid fishing maybe difficult at the first stage, but with the right EGI Master rods and more practice, you’ll quickly have a good catch on squids.