H8108 Deep Diving Lures Bass Crankbait

H8108 bass crankbait is designed as a deep diving lures. It has an internal stainless steel weight transfer system for long casting distance and super depth achievements. Its wiggle swimming action makes big game fish bite crazily.

H8107 Deep Diver Crankbait for Bass

The contoured bill is shaped perfectly for deflecting off the thickest cover and eliciting some of the most vicious strikes you will ever experience. This crankbait is made of 100% new ABS plastic, so it's very durable and kept coming back for more.

H8095 Deep Diving Crankbaits for Bass

H8095 lure is designed as deep diving crankbaits. It features with curved long bill and side-to-side swimming action. It's easy for deep running and long casting.


55mm 12g


40mm 7.5g


65mm 16g

Magnet Crankbaits Long Casting Lure

H8021 lure is designed with new magnet weight system, which enable long distance casting. H8021 magnet crankbaits swim well with good balance underwater.

H8010 Fat Crank Lure Hard Bait

H8010 fat crank lure is a larger profile hard bait. This fat crank lure perform well for many species, especially for the bass, cause of its fat wobbling action. Realistic UV printing finish is another highlight for this fat crank lure.

Bait Ball Crank Lure Bait

H8001 lure is featured with innovative design, which combines multiple small baitfish in one lure to form a baitball. On the surface, the multiple baitfish seems to be painted on the exterior of the lure. Actually, the lure is molded around the multiple baitfish.

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