Blade Lure

Blade Lure Vibe Fishing Baits PT6001

Blade Lure. It is featured with one piece die casting zinc alloy body and vibrating fish attracting action. And very effective when most vertical jigging.

Metal Blade Lures Vibe Lure PT6002

Metal Blade Lures. PT6002 metal blade lures have an amazing highly reflective plated finish, which can provide the best visibility in the off-color water.

Metal Blade Baits Vibrating Lure PT6003

Metal Blade Baits. PT6003 metal blade bait has 4 line-tie positions, allowing you to change the vibrating lure's action from mild to wild under the water.

Vibe Lures Factory Direct Wholesale Lure PT6004

Vibe Lures. PT6004 vibe lure is built with good balance & vibration, which allowing anglers to work every depth of the water column for almost any species.

Vibe Blade Lure Sonic Lure PT6005

Vibe Blade Lure. PT6005 vibe blade lure is a hybrid lure, built with rattles inside transparent plastic belly. It can attract fish by sound and vibration.

Cicada Lure Metal Blade Vibe Lure PT6006

Cicada Lure. This cicada runner lure is built with cicada-appearance, 5 line-tie positions and concave willow blade generating hard vibration when retrieving.

Zinc Alloy Lure Fish Shape Vibe Lure PT6007

Zinc Alloy Lure. PT6007 is a vibe lure shaped with fish shape by die casting technology. This zinc alloy lure has good balance and corrosion resistance.


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