Before attaching a shrimp on tenya jig, you need at least 1pcs rubber. Once ready, please follow the steps below

Step 1: Cut the rubber and attach it to the rubber keeper.

Step 2: Stick the assist hook in the belly of the live shrimp.

Step 3: Penetrate the shrimp with the main hook.

Step 4: Wind the rubber around the shrimp and put the rubber end in the rubber keeper to fix.

In the same way, you can use live squid, bait fish and even soft bait instead of shrimp. Tenya jig is really a good choice for all anglers. If you want to rig your own tenya jig, please click the below link to get one immediately.
rig shrimp on tenya jig 01 rig shrimp on tenya jig 02 rig squid on tenya jig 03


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